Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is the largest protected area that lies upward in the northern end of the albertine rift valley were the sweeping bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast, palm, dotted savannah. Murchison Falls park before was called Kabalega Falls National Park and was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, and later on made a fully National park in 1952. it’s the oldest national park in Uganda, that bisects by the River Nile in the south that is characterized by the Woodlands and Forested areas mostly adequate for the primates and more birds. As well as the Northern side that is fully enclosed by the Nile river with large Savannah Grassland areas best for the Game view and best sighting of the Animals.

So, the Victoria Nile has the Murchison falls that plug 45cm over the remnant rift valley wall creating the dramatic spectacular and powerful water falls, making it the most wonderful highlights of the destination as well as the best site of hosting more 76 species of mammals and over 451 bird species.

Tourist attractions and Activities carried out in Murchison falls national park

With the ultimate adventures and memory creating varieties, murchison falls park is one with quite a lot of various number of activities. The moment you carry out any of the listed activities, expect a thrilling Uganda Memory for the lifetime experience.

The spectacular Murchison falls;

This is Murchison’s unique selling point and the Optimum Highlight, it is characterised by eternal war between rock and water. These waters violently compress so hardly and strong through a narrow gorge spraying mist droplets along ages, and when you take along the Murchison Hike trail, these droplets will definately wash away ans shower you will joyful success to succed the Bakers trail. As also you are able to see the two Uhuru falls and Murchison falls at the same time. since it is the only national park with the highest falls in Africa , it has an exceptional scenic features in Africa, most dramatic feature in the white Nile long meander from the equator to the Mediterranean sea.


Murchison falls national park hosts a number of over 450 birds species these include pied king fisher, Abyssinian ground horn bill, saddle billed stock, northern caine bee eater, goliath heron , Egyptian goose , adada ibis ,northern red bishop , spar winged lap wing , African darter, the egrets , open billed stock, etc.

Nature walks;

Nature walks provides tourists with opportunities to experience MFNP land escape and wildlife at close quarters, nature walks are done with in the park at the northern bank, it takes 2-3 hours, always advised to walk with a guide for security purpose, while carrying out nature walk, expect to see and identify some animal droppings, foot prints, birds and identify their callings, and trees that are planted by animals droppings like the palm trees.

Games drives;

These are trips taken on the game tracks or game vehicles (4×4) in order to see different species of wild animals like lion, elephant, warthog, buffalo and antelopes at close distance since they are naturally hostile, game drive is done on the northern bank of Victoria  Nile due to the presence of grass land vegetation and good road network, game drives usually take place in the morning , late evening and also night game drive.

Sports fishing;

MFNP offers some of the finest sport fishing possibilities in the world, though the caught fish is afterwards dropped back in water.

Hiking to the top of the falls;

This involves moving from the bottom of the falls to the top through the top the trails that have been created along the sloppy terrain bordering the Nile on the southern side, this exercise gives a good view of the magnificent falls as the waters plunges through an 8m gorge and it steadily calms down to make its final journey to lake Albert , this exercise normally takes one hour and some few minute difference according to the tourists age group, there is a guide to  take the tourists through this exercise.

Boat cruise/launch cruise to the bottom of the falls

This is the greatest attraction in Murchison falls national park done on Victoria Nile where tourist use either boat or launch cruise depending to the number of tourists a day, it’s usually done at 2:00pm but at times their special orders which can be done in the morning, it normally takes 3hours round trip where 2hours going to the falls and 1hour coming back , while cruising some animals are observed like school of hippos, elephants, birds like red throated bee eater , African fish eagle, pied kingfisher and nyamusika cliff, different bouts like shoe bill , mamba and kiboko owned by UWA however there also private own boats for paraa safari lodge and wildfrontiers.

Delta trip;

Nile delta has its wide stretch of water where the mighty river Nile flows into lake Albert forming the delta, it’s also a key area for bird watchers with over 450 bird species like shoe bill, the Nile and delta are breeding area for the regionally endemic shoe bill and the saddle bill stock, shoe bill, this trip takes a period of 5hours and normally starts at 7:00am.

Bush camping

Bush camping encounters setting up temporally, campfire and experience the wilderness at night in the darkness, takes place in different camping sites designated by the park authorities, normally offered with a ranger for security purpose, it is done in northern bank due to its scenic view with variety of mammals and bird species.

Tourists are provided with fire wood, water and campsites but they carry their own tents and food.

 Buligi game circuit

These game rack stretch between the Victoria and Albert Nile, they are Murchison’s popular safari destination , around 120-170km in the length , they pass through open savannah grassland , wood land, acacia and riverine  vegetation where most of the park is  viewed hire especially early morning and early evening.


Paraa meaning” home of hippo” in the luo language is the park’ tourism hub. All the parks access roads converge here as the northern and southern banks are linked by passenger ferry band several accommodations are located nearby being all launch trips and nature walks commence here.

Karuma falls

Karuma falls is located at the northern bank of the park  in chobe, find a series of natural rock formations which cause the waters to ripple  and roar giving them a white foamy appearance, its ideal for sport fishing found on Victoria Nile while white water rafting is in plan.

Nyamusika cliff

It was formed as a result of faulting, it is habitant for various bird species like pied king fisher

Accommodation in Murchison falls national park

This include a series of world class lodges with a variety of options to the tourists depending on their taste and preferences, they are distributed throughout the park and different areas outside the park but near the park

first class tourist lodges include; paraa safari lodge, chobe lodge,

Middle class a lodge include; sambiya river lodge, Nile river lodge Murchison river lodge, pakuba

Budget camps also include; red chilli, paraa students center, yebo camp