Big Five Tours | Uganda African Safari Expeditions

Big Five Tours – Uganda African Safari Expeditions

The Big Five Tours are the five most Dangerous Species or Mammals for the hunter to pursue; they are still the Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard, and Elephant. Mostly when taking Game Drive if lucky you will still see all the animal species; which thus still marks a perfect Adventurous Tour ever. In fact, Over the years, Tourism has attached its own spin; and these animals also have become the most sought-after by the visitors on Photographic Safaris.

Big Five Tours pride-of-lions-kidepoLion a Big Five Tours Must

The African lion (Panthera leo); is still the biggest of all predator cats in Africa and is mostly hunting and moving around at night. So during the day, they tend to sleep and laze around. However, when on a safari, the best time to see them hunt, is early in the morning, or if you could do a night drive following a pride as it set out to hunt. Read More………

Leopard with Big Five ToursLeopard with Big Five Tours

The leopard (Panthera pardus); is also by far the most graceful and definitely one of the most stunning of all the large African cats. However, Being shy, it’s hard-to-find leopard; as well as it is a master of survival and silent stealth. Also a very strong climber, it can carry prey double its own body weight up into a tree with ease. Therefore, a Leopard is a shy Predator that hurts mainly in a night. Then it hides its prey from other predators in trees and Read More……

Big Five Tours cheetahCheetahs Big Five Tours

They also say that they are Hurting Leopards; and are also stalkers but it is their adoption of speed that gets them dinner. They, therefore, prefer species that weigh between 20 and 60 kilogrammes. Over short distances of up to 150 meters, the cheetah is still the world’s fastest land animal; it can also easily reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour. Therefore, Every part of the cheetah is designed for speed, from its long muscular legs, small rounded headset on a long neck, a strong chest,… Read More……

Big Five Tours ElephantElephants at the Big Five Tours

they live still in tightly knit Family herds, led by the Matriarch; and then a fully grown up Elephant weighs 6 to 7 tonnes. So the largest living land mammal is the African elephant; it is still a sight to behold on Uganda’s sprawling savannah. Thereafter, massive black forms can be seen from far away marching across the grasslands in search of the incredible amounts of vegetation they need to eat each day, along with around 30-50 gallons of water. Read More…..

Big Five Tours cape BufaloBuffalo Among the Big Five Tours

are also the most abundant of the big five and occur in large herds; so they can number up to 600 animals. So deceptively docile, these animals are aggressive and powerful, particularly the old bulls that are in reject from the herd. They then reach a height of 165cm (65”) at the shoulder and weighing in at 680kg (1500lbs), it is also no wonder that the enormous Cape buffalo is one of Africa’s “Big Five”. Read More….

Big Five Tours white rhinosRhinoceros on Big Five Tours

is classified as either “White or Black” although there is no real colour difference between the species. So a White Rhino is generally larger with a flat or square mouth and also feed on Grass. And still the name White arises from the Dutch word “Wid” meaning wide. As well as the Black Rhino has a pointed mouth that they use to strip leaves and break twigs. Read More….


Other Antelope Species on Big Five Tours | Uganda African Safari Expeditions

  • Antelope: – Uganda is home to an impressive 29 species of antelope, including;
  • The Eland: – the world’s largest antelope, which can measure up to 180cm at the shoulder.
  • The greater kudu: – which has long, elegant spiral horns and white side stripes.
  • Jackson’s hartebeest: – an unusual, flat-faced creature found only in Uganda.
  • The shaggy waterbuck: – often found near rivers and lakes, as their name suggests. Fascinating yet rarely seen is the semi-aquatic
  • Sitatunga antelope: – whose splayed hooves adapt to life in the papyrus swamps.
  • Grant’s gazelle: – which can live in herds of hundreds of individuals, and the pretty.
  • Uganda Kob: – Uganda’s national antelope.

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