Cape Buffalo Uganda | See The Big Five

Cape Buffalo Uganda | See The Big Five

Cape Buffalo Uganda also Among the Big Five Tours

Cape Buffalo are still the most abundant of the Big Five animals even in Uganda; so they occur in large herds that can number up to 600 animals. Deceptively docile, these Cape Buffalo Uganda animals are so aggressive and powerful; particularly the older bulls that they also kick out or reject from staying in the herds.

However, Cape Buffalo reach a height of 165cm (65”) at the shoulder; and they also weigh 680kg (1500lbs). So it is no wonder that the enormous Cape Buffalo is one of Africa’s “Big Five”. Though they are also herbivores, feeding almost exclusively on grass; so the Cape Buffalo is also one of the most dangerous species in Uganda; as well as to their unpredictable and defensive nature.

They will also happily trample a lion who threatens to attack; Visitors to Uganda also need not worry about getting caught in a stampede; however, the Buffaloes’ poor ability to regulate body temperature; means that throughout the hot equatorial days they are then most commonly saw wallowing in mud or water; also making them easy to view at close range during a launch trip.

Therefore, two subspecies of Cape Buffalo that also exist in Uganda; the Larger Savannah Buffaloes and also the smaller Forest Buffaloes. They also live in two types of groups, family herds, which also contains mainly females and calves; and also the bachelors’ herds. A herd can still contain several hundred individuals.

Buffaloes also mate and give birth only during the rainy seasons. Birth peaks also take place early in the season, while mating peaks later. A bull closely guards a cow that comes into heat, so as to keeping other bulls at bay. This is still difficult, as cows are so quite evasive and attract many males to the scene.

Cape Buffalo Uganda