Kampala Information

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Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is in the South Central part close to the shores of Lake Victoria. Uganda’s capital city “Kampala” borders Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. The downtown area of Kampala offers a multitude of historical and cultural attractions for visitors to explore.

Kampala City Tour. The great Kampala City one of the largest cities in this country. Spreads on over seven hills and takes its fabled name from Kasozi K’impala, interpreted as “the hills of the antelopes”. Today as you stand on the hills within Kampala you are blessed with magnificent million dollar view characterised with evergreen entangled with red tiled villas, green iron roofed bungalows and tall modern buildings surrounded by a lush green countryside and the nearby Lake Victoria.

The people of Kampala, and Ugandans, in general, are very kind and friendly and are very approachable. Kampala, with a population of approximately 2.5 million, is by far the largest city in Uganda. It is not yet completely overwhelmed with traffic and sprawl like Nairobi and Lagos. Additionally, Kampala is very safe to walk around, even at night, a welcome fact for many a high-strung visitor arriving from Nairobi.

Uganda, as the recipient of massive amounts of Western aid money, hosts large numbers of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Most of those NGOs are based in Kampala, so there is an established expert scene in the city.